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The African Thrillist Ecotours & Travel Agency aims to showcase the hidden treasures of Kenya through cultural excursions, Safaris, beach holidays, nightlife experiences, adventure-filled getaways - not forgetting we have The Best Travel Deals in The Market!

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Our Story

We are an eco-conscious and community-sensitive travel agency who work with the local communities directly and partner only with entities that are pro-conservation of Kenya's wildlife and physical environs ~ eco-lodges, elephant sanctuaries, sustainable community projects & local business collaboration are our everyday plan. 🙂

As Your Personal Travel Connoisseurs, we create sample itineraries and depending on everything you ever dreamed of about your Trip to Kenya, our dedicated service will listen to all the experiences you desire and build a customised Itineraries that will surpass your expectations.

The African Thrillist helps plan all your trips Sub Rosa, because we understand;

  • • Value for your money
  • • Diverse travel experiences
  • • Guaranteed superb service everywhere
  • • Personal preferences are prioritised
  • • 24/7 safety and security

We understand that for the curious Leisure Traveller who values exploration and discovery, they are on the lookout for authentic experiences that simply cannot be priced... and when they travel they seek culture, cuisine and connection with locals.

For the Business Traveller, we relate to the need for the provision of end-to-end travel solutions that will cover the entire life cycle of a trip while still providing flexibility, personalization, policy compliance and overall travel savings.

For Group Travel, we will customise your trip to suit the diversity of all your needs. Be it a team-building excursion, birthday getaway, school trip, church outing, bachelorette weekend or sporting adventure in the wild - we got you covered!

Your Travel Designer,


Founder - The African Thrillist


Our Mission

To continuously provide a personalized, high touch travel service that equips our clients with advice, ideas and tips that can make family, group, solo or business travel smarter, more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Our Vision

To provide the finest products and services that combine performance with value and pricing that result in satisfied long term customers and consistency in service delivery.

Our Goal

To provide customer service that is just not the best, but LEGENDARY!


Experience Serendipity in Africa!

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